Transit times to/from UK

GTS offers reliable intermodal transit times by using our own GTS Rail network.

GTS UK can provide Green Transport Solutions both to and from UK/Benelux for all regions of Italy, Turkey and Greece.

We have long established reliable haulage partners in the UK with BSB Transport in Killingholme and RF Transport in Purfleet.

The UK market is served via daily sea freight services between both Rotterdam and Zeebrugge and Purfleet in the South and Killingholme in the North UK.

We then use our own GTS Rail trains linking both Rotterdam and Zeebrugge with all regions of Italy.

GTS UK can offer the following standard transit times for Italy.

Terminal Domestic Transit Time
Lombardia 20,24,25,26,27 Piacenza n.a 5 days
Lombardia /Emilia 21,22,23,46,42,43 Piacenza n.a 5 days
Liguria/Piemonte 10-19,28,29 Piacenza n.a 5 days
Veneto/Emilia 30-37,40,41,44,45,47,48 Bologna 3x 5 days
Trntino 38,39 Piacenza n.a 5 days
Veneto 37 Piacenza n.a 5 days
Marche 60,61 Bologna 3x 5 days
Marche/Abruzzo 62-67 Rome/Naples 5x 7 days
Toscana 50-59 Bologna 3x 5 days
Umbria 05,06 Rome/Naples 5x 7 days
Lazio/Campania 00-04,80,86 Rome/Naples 5x 7 days
Puglia 70-74,76 Bari 7x 7 days
Basilicata 75 Bari 7x 7 days
Calabria 87-89 Naples 5x 7 days
Sicilia 95 (Catania City Limits) Bari/Brindisi ferry 3x 8 days
Grecia/Atene area Bari / ferry 5x 9 days


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